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Paying special attention to the metering in processing liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is worthwhile. The input materials are costly. Low shot weights, which are in great demand today, often lead to high wastage in case of inaccurate metering.


The consistent, high-precision dosing of the two components has

numerous advantages. On the pages that follow, you will learn what they are and how we at EMT achieve this.


We build highly precise metering systems at EMT.

The crucial components are developed and fabricated by us.

The dosing unit

With the EMT-LSR metering system, precision is number one. You achieve consistent emptying of the cartridges/barrels and unvarying high quality.

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Shutoff valve 33 mm

Colour Valve 173 mm

Static mixer

60 mm


The mixing unit of the EMT-LSR dosing system was

radically shortened. It sets itself apart with an extremely short mixing section. All the materials and components used are of high quality. EMT-LSR dosing system overview of benefits:

 • High precision

 • Very short mixing sections

 • No pressure regulator

 • Optional shutoff valve

 • Lowest material loss on material changeover

 • One-way plastic mixing elements

 • Highly simplified cleaning

  (significant time reduction)

 • Minimum space requirements

 • Very good price-performance ratio

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Special features
EMT dosing unit

With the metering systems on the market,

inaccuracies are often just compensated.

Our system is fundamentally different even here since inaccuracies are avoided from the outset. This results in the following advantages:

 • Precision

 • Minimum space requirements

 • PLC controller with touch screen (optional)

 • Precision functioning even without

    PLC controller

 • Very good price-performance ratio


Cartridge, 20 or 200 litre barrel, with the EMT-LSR dosing system you achieve maximum flexibility and economic efficiency. EMT offers feed and cartridge refill systems tailored to the system as options.

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Colour dosing valve

Quick-change colour dosing cylinder

Cartridge filling unit and replacement follow-up plate

Cartridge filling unit

A filling unit from 20 l pales to 1l cartridges is available from EMT on request. The material is pressed directly from the 20 l pales into the cartridge. There is no pump that could contaminate the material through abrasion. A wide variety of materials can be refilled without mixing.

The optionally available replacement follow-up plates make using different materials even easier.

EMT feed unit

The EMT system sets itself apart with the following features:

 • Colour addition, via valve or metering cylinder as desired

 • Key components made of stainless steel

 • Stainless steel scoop piston cylinder

 • Transparent follower plates

   Air inclusions are apparent immediately and unnecessary flushing is avoided

 • Flat follower plates

   for subsequent residual quantity optimisation

 • Convenient cleaning of the follower plate

   due to large length of stroke (200 l system)

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